Book of the Month

After spending several years working in children's development research, there was one place I realized I didn't really see black girls---on the autism spectrum.

Talia Hibbert gives readers a very poignant characterization of not only a black girl with autism, but she also expertly weaves in the idiosyncrasies of being a girl with autism in general. As more and more research emerges, we are seeing that girls on the spectrum often present differently from boys which results in them often going undiagnosed. 

Girls are also more likely mask their quirks and individualities, but the common theme prevails of having felt different for much of their lives.

In "A Girl Like Her," you get the small-town, you get the powerful family, a town secret, the hot neighbor, and a wonderful romance with just enough kink. For me personally, I'm all about awkward black girls who still give toe-curling blow jobs. 

But, as Auntie Tabitha would say, "that's my business."

Reviewed by K. Walker

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